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About Us

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Dr. Anashimi Maham’s production trading company has been operating since 2003. This company is engaged in the export and import of paint and resin raw materials, import of paint equipment and advanced reactors for related industries, consultation and setting up of paint lines and implementation of pipelines and buying and selling of specialized solvents for various industries, production of industrial and construction paints, powders and Cellulose, as well as the import of PVC paints and inks and matte, semi-matte and glossy UV curing varnishes, raw materials for PVC industries, imports of all kinds of glues for PVC and MDF industries, primers and the production of all kinds of automotive and construction paints. , cellulose inks in the form of ASM brand and PVC inks and colors in the form of the famous Jowat brand and cellulosic inks for nylon and cellophane printing as well as specialized imported aluminum flux products used in radiator companies.

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About Us

Mission and vision

This factory has several well-equipped laboratories for production and research, and complete quality control equipment during production and an equipped laboratory in the company’s headquarters to control the quality of products and also strictly implement the regulations of the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research. The development plan of this factory is underway with the prospect of producing and distributing new products using the most advanced production and packaging machines.
We are very pleased that Anashimi Maham, in order to meet the needs of the country and the employment of the educated youth of this region and the slogan “Our credit… is our customers” by using the latest technology of production and packaging machines and also using the most experienced and efficient The most research, production, sales, distribution, import and export and support staff have practically realized with respect to global standards.

  • car paintProduction of paints
  • PVC industry paintProduction of all kinds of edge strip paint
  • Industrial paintsManufacturer of all kinds of industrial paints
  • machineryand equipment

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