All kinds of  paint

Dr. Anashimi Maham company, equipped with a laboratory and production of specialized PVC paints with the specialized brand Dr. Ana, has started manufacturing PVC inks and paints.
PVC colors are divided into two single-component groups for edging and vacuum coating industries, solvent-based and water-based, and two-component colors for washing PVC and…
The quality of colors includes UV test, scratch, gloss and adhesion, and excellent coloring and coverage.


Offset and flexo printing

Special for helio and rotogravure

and cellophane, aluminum, nylon, and polyethylene, as well as all cellulosic industries
with the ink and ink name “Anashimi Maham”
Ink is a liquid containing pigment that is used for coloring and offset printing. A variety of thicker compounds are used for machine and manual printing. Compound is a complex combination of solvents, pigments, resins, lubricants, and other elements. These materials control the type and quality of the color, its smoothness, thickness, and drying, inks for banner writing, inks for offset printing, silk, etc. are being produced in the specialized production complex of Anashimi Maham.

Printing on nylon:

1-Silk print:

It is done by a small device, this device is a mechanical device, one of the main components of which is a net that is placed on the nylon from this colored net.



It is a big automatic machine, and it has a high price, and it is worth mentioning that the quality of printing is better for supplying to the market. Its color spectrum is about 9 colors. It is interesting to know that even in printing houses, usually machines have 4 colors..


3-Locust print:

It is the same traditional printing that is used on paper and cardboard, the letters are dipped in ink (black, blue, red) and then attached to nylon..


4-Letterpress printing:

Nowadays, this type of printing is usually used for outstanding orders, cutting, printing, this machine and this type of printing is very professional and the work is very important.
It’s interesting to know why consumer goods companies use nylon, because because of nylon’s unique durability versus flexibility, it’s the obvious choice for makers of furniture and other items that require a tough but durable frame. It is also suitable for those looking for flexible industrial parts, synthetics, medical equipment and complex garments. It is used for gears, door hinges and doors, as these items require flexibility. Stronger nylons are also used by car manufacturers


Dr. Anashimi’s epoxy paints

Heat-resistant or thermoset colors

A)Intermediate epoxy :

1- MIO epoxy polyamide intermediate paint
2- Intermediate epoxy polyamide color
3- HIGH BUILD epoxy polyamide paint
4- Matte epoxy polyamide intermediate paint for concrete walls
5- Intermediate epoxy polyamine paint
6- Intermediate epoxy polyamide paint for drinking water
7- Intermediate epoxy polyamine paint for drinking water


B)Top epoxies :

1- Top color of epoxy polyamide (glossy-semi-glossy-matte)
2- Epoxy polyamide top color for concrete walls
3- Epoxy polyamide top color for drinking water
4- Polyamine epoxy top color
5- GLASS FLAKE epoxy polyamine top color
6- Phenolic epoxy top color
7- Polyamine epoxy coating for drinking water
8-Polyamine epoxy varnishes should be referred to the page of epoxy paints to learn more about the properties of epoxy paint.

fireproof paint

Paint is a very useful material in various industries and it is used as a coating for various surfaces. Surfaces that are covered with paint will be highly resistant to various factors and will have a longer lifespan. Colors have different properties and are made in different types according to the desired application.
In the previous writings of the builder, various construction colors were introduced. Now, in this article, a new type of paint called refractory paint is introduced and its features and benefits are reviewed.
As its name suggests, this paint has a very high resistance to heat and is used to protect the surface against high temperatures. Fireproof paint or silicone paint with high heat resistance can be used in different places and is considered an excellent coating for surfaces.

Furnace color

Furnace paint can actually be seen as the operation of drying paint or coatings that are covered by a combination of several industrial chemicals, which are applied to the surface of the car body or any part with a series of operations. The result of the work is a polished and consistent surface, and they are classified into 2 categories: liquid furnace paint and powder furnace paint.
Furnace paint products are often covered in a single layer and have a variety of uses. Furnace paint is mainly used in automobile industry, metal industry, household appliances such as washing machine, cabinet making, etc. and office equipment. One of the distinctive features of the furnace paint is their high resistance to external factors such as washing detergents and atmospheric factors.

Cellulose sealer

Cellulose is the main component of the cell wall of all plants and the main polymer in nature. The main source of industrial cellulose is wood and flax fibers. Cellulose is an insoluble material, but many of its derivatives are soluble and are used in paint industries such as cellulose varnishes.
Cellulose nitrate or in other words the same nitrocellulose is prepared from the reaction of nitric and sulfuric acid with cellulose and hydrolysis (hydrolysis) in high heat and pressure. This product is dehydrated from the reaction under pressure with ethanol to produce a substance that contains eleven to twelve percent nitrogen, five percent water, and thirty percent alcohol..

Polyester and semi-polyester paint

Half polyester and full polyester are two widely used colors in Iran’s wood industry. Most of the companies manufacturing furniture and wooden accessories use these colors as the final coating.

Special colors for exhibitions

In the form of plastic, acrylic and oil paints with special exhibition colors


Special paint for leather and shoe sole industries

PU PVC color

Special colors for shoe soles

1-Types of chlorama colors used in shoe sole injection devices
2- Special colors for PU and PVC leather industries
3- The colors used in epoxy and polyester composites….
4-Car foam and industrial polyurethane coverings such as seats and seat handles
5-Types of spray paints for flexible polymers, tpu.pvc.termo.eva.pu shoe soles and industrial polymer parts
6-Klorama and spray paint machines, automatic paint spray booths

UPVC color

One of the most up-to-date coating systems for UPVC profiles.
The colors produced are water-based, which are completely bonded to the surface after application
They establish chemical
One of the notable advantages of these products is their high flexibility
Ability to run on high stress surfaces
He pointed out their high durability and waterproofness
Renner Plast is the latest technology in the field of special UPVC coatings
which at the same time provides a unique beauty with properties
It reflects sunlight and infrared rays
This feature reduces heat absorption and, as a result, a lower temperature
It is from the environment for surfaces and also increases the lifespan of surfaces and structures
Another advantage of Rennerplast paint is its high compatibility with the environment
Being safe for users, being single-component, and not having an annoying smell
and noted that it is non-flammable

Polyester paint and resin for button making industries


One of the different types of resins is colorless polyester resin. These resins are used in the production of transparent buttons; For this reason, they are also known as button-making polyester resin.


Raw materials for paint and PVC industries

All kinds of solvents for printing, ink and coloring
Titans in all grades
Organic and mineral and transparent pigments
Additives for the paint industry
Process help


Velvet color and soft touch

Soft folders, which are better known in the market as velvet, can make unpleasant surfaces attractive to the customer. Depending on the formulation, this product can be in the form of velvet leather or rubber to create a competitive advantage over others in the packaging process. Velvet colors can be formulated to meet your specific expectations