Dr. Anashimi Maham automotive paints

Covering surfaces such as cars that are exposed to direct sunlight and harsh weather conditions

Dr. Anashimi Maham's polyurethane paint

Polyurethane paint is a two-component paint with isocyanate hardener, which is prepared on the basis of acrylic resin, and for the speed of drying, the paint is placed in an oven at 80 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes and baked. Polyurethane paints have a very high resistance to all types of sunlight and acid rain. And because of their high resistance to moisture and excellent adhesion on all types of surfaces and coatings, they are used as the final layer to cover surfaces such as cars that are exposed to direct sunlight and harsh weather conditions, which are called paints. A car is found in the market.
This type of paint is very suitable as a final layer on epoxy protective coatings due to its beauty and shine, and it is mostly used on metal surfaces such as bridges, ships, tankers, and cars as a final layer. take

Clear coat polyurethane

Anashimi Clear and Hardener is a suitable product for professional use. One of the things that is done in the field of car paint restoration is spraying clear on the car body. In fact, with car killer, we will give the car a special polish and shine so that the beauty of the color of the damaged part will return to its original form. Many people consider polishing or waxing the car to be clear, which is a wrong belief and it should be known that car clear is a very complicated process and it is necessary for experts to do it.
The hardener must be mixed with the clarifier in a specific ratio that is announced by the manufacturer.

Metallic base coat color

Basecoat paint is produced on the basis of polyester resin and is dried by solvent evaporation mechanism. The compounds used in making this paint made the formed film have hardness, flexibility and proper adhesion. One of the advantages of this color is its proper coverage and uniform and regular reflection of the pigments against the light. As the first layer of paint, the base coat is the main factor in creating coverage and adhesion to the surface. The use of clear polyurethane on this paint makes a glossy film with high mechanical properties and suitable light resistance against UV rays, humidity and severe corrosion conditions to be formed.

Lining of ABS, PP and...

This product is produced on the basis of acrylic resin and has very high adhesion on plastic surfaces such as PP, ABS, POLY AMID. This type of primer is diluted with about 50% thinner based on the color concentration. Before applying, the work surface should be cleaned and degreased.

Metallic colors for the refrigerator industry

Includes metallic red polyurethane
Green and navy blue

Special ink for vacuum membrane coatings

This ink is heat resistant and leaves a beautiful and durable coating without changing color against temperature