Construction paints

Lining paint based on alkyd resin and iron oxide

Anashimi alkyd construction and anti-rust paints are prepared based on alkyd resin and using the best corrosion-resistant materials. This lining is applied as the first layer on metal surfaces or similar and has good adhesion and stability. This anti-rust has good drying time, durability, covering power and adhesion, and has good stability against corrosion, wear and atmospheric factors.

All kinds of oil paints


Usually it’s from matte paint to paint a surface where I don’t want the details (flaws) to be seen well on that surface.

Like the roof and walls that have a lot. Oil paints are also traditional and old paints, whose use is reduced due to harmful environmental conditions and longer drying time and unpleasant smell. But it is still one of the best options for painting metal doors and windows, and even for cases where metal doors are painted with multi-colored colors for the sake of more beauty, oil paint is used as insulation against corrosion and rusting in the lining. It is them. are used.


In painting the building with oil paint, semi-matte or semi-glossy paint, which is obtained from a mixture of matte and glossy paint, is mostly used for painting the walls of the building, because it does not show the wave of the wall, and it is shiny enough that a wall which is painted to look good.

Silicone acrylic paint

It can be used for indoor use with high quality and as a final coating of interior surfaces (plaster, cement, brick, etc.). The resistance of this color against extreme changes in temperature and humidity and against alkaline materials present in materials is very high. This paint is used in wet and damp indoor environments and it gives the concrete the ability to breathe easily and due to its unique property, it prevents the paint from blistering (painting) on ​​the surface. The resistance of this color against washing and wear is extraordinary and is unique in its kind. Excellent covering power, high drying speed, ease of application and ability to be diluted with water, no unpleasant smell, resistance to sunlight and ultraviolet light, and compatibility with the environment are the advantages of this paint.

Fireproof acrylic paint

It is used in fireproof industries and is a suitable coating for tanks that have high heat and temperature

paint shed

Sule paint can be introduced as this is an air-dry coating based on alkyd resin and containing zinc chromate and zinc phosphate pigments and other anti-corrosion pigments. This coating is based on alkyd resin and due to the use of zinc chromate anti-corrosion pigment, it is recommended to be applied on metal structures outside the building that are exposed to sunlight and rain, such as steel structures, bridges and sheds. .
Among the applications of this, we can mention all kinds of metal structures such as sheds, installations and metal frameworks, etc., located in normal and semi-industrial environments, which are widely used. One of the characteristics of this paint is its good resistance to different weather conditions, and it also has good adhesion on metal surfaces, very good resistance to corrosion, and good resistance to sunlight and rain. be