Glossy, semi-glossy and matte UV varnish

Special for PVC and polyethylene and printing houses

Another printing coating that protects printed products from scratches and minor damages, as well as making it more attractive, is the UV varnish coating. Of course, it should be noted that for printing works that require a long life and are exposed to moisture and chemicals, varnish coating is not very suitable and it is better to use another type.

Varnish coating can be used both locally and specifically for a part of printed surfaces and completely to cover all surfaces.

At the stage of applying varnish on the printed surface, it should be noted that the varnished printed surfaces are not piled up at the output of the printing machine and are not under too much pressure. Because otherwise, it will cause the printing surfaces to be damaged.

Metallic paint ink for PVC paint produced from small and large metallic shells
Metallic colors in the full and beautiful range of colors, for use in the industries of vacuum coatings, edge strips, etc., these colors are completely bright and smooth and give a beautiful metallic coating to PVC and coatings.