Special paint for PVC strips

called "PVC.A" and heat-resistant PVC colors "+PVCK"

The most complete gallery of colors and variety of PVC color products with the brand name PVC.A for PVC edging tape, top and bottom printing on nylon, rotogravure, heliography, offset, silk, types of cylindrical and stencil devices, printing on fabric , tableware, disposable cups and cellulose industries, cartons, MDF coated sheets, etc. are displayed on the specialized website of Ana Shimi Maham Industrial Group.
Colors have always played an effective role because of their beauty, they not only make the appearance of the product beautiful, but also affect the way we act as customers and can create a long-lasting impression on the mind. Color plays an important role in persuading the customer to buy and can be an important visual tool. In today’s life, having peace is one of the essential human needs. In this dynamic world that is changing every day, we must look for creativity to create this comfort inside the homes. To achieve such an environment, the effect of color is one of the necessities. PVC tape, which is the main necessity in the wood industry, after its high quality, variety of colors and the completeness of the color gallery is a priority. This tape is mostly used to beautify the edges of MDF.