PVC edge tape primer

Primer glue for PVC covers

One of the most used materials for the manufacturers of PVC coating and edge tape is the PVC primer, which is used as an interface for a better and stronger connection between the PVC surface and the adhesive.
With the help of this primer, it can be used to laminate PVC film and sheets with any other surface, including PVC, MDF, aluminum foil, paper and other types of polymer films.
One of the activities of Doctorana production and trading group is the direct supply of PVC primers.
This product can be used to solve the laminate process of all the companies that produce PVC coating and edge tape with excellent quality and price.

PVC tape has various models, the models that are currently found in abundance in the market and are widely used, which include adhesive tape and melamine tape, which are both types of MDF tape, each of which The models have various colors and sizes. The sizes of PVC tape in Iran are offered in 2 mm and 1 mm, each of which has specific advantages. 1 mm tapes are supplied in 200 meter rolls and 2 mm tapes in 100 meter rolls. Also, among other differences of PVC tape in its models, we can mention its quality in softness and hardness, which according to their uses, one of the soft or hard models is used, which is more about the use of PVC tape. we will talk

Dr. Ana lip primer with the famous Dr. Ana brand is one of the highest quality tape primers and PVC coating in the whole world. which has customers in Iran and other consumer countries for whom quality is the highest value