UPVC paint

One of the most up-to-date coating systems for UPVC profiles.
The colors produced are water-based, which are completely bonded to the surface after application
They establish chemical
One of the notable advantages of these products is their high flexibility
Ability to run on high stress surfaces
He pointed out their high durability and waterproofness
Renner Plast is the latest technology in the field of special UPVC coatings
which at the same time provides a unique beauty with properties
It reflects sunlight and infrared rays
This feature reduces heat absorption and, as a result, a lower temperature
It is from the environment for surfaces and also increases the lifespan of surfaces and structures
Another advantage of Rennerplast paint is its high compatibility with the environment
Being safe for users, being single-component, and not having an annoying smell
and noted that it is non-flammable