What is industrial paint?

رنگ صنعتی چیست

رنگ صنعتی چیست

Paint industry is one of the most important applied and beautifying industries, whose production has always been growing in recent years. In general, the products of this industry are divided into two general categories. The first category of construction paints (Decorative Coatings) and the second category of industrial paints (Industrial Coatings), which we will learn more about industrial paint and its types.

All kinds of industrial paint

Industrial paints are generally used to prevent corrosion in joints and steel pipes that contain gases, oil, water, sewage, petrochemical and food processing equipment and require a non-stick coating. It can be used in agricultural, automobile and construction equipment and increases the useful life of any device.

If you want to learn more about the difference between construction paint and industrial paint, read the following.

The difference between industrial and construction colors

1-Color application:

Industrial paints are used in industrial environments and for painting and covering industrial products and construction paints in residential environments.

Each type of color is made for a purpose.
For example, industrial paints with the purpose of protecting surfaces, protecting devices and equipment against various environmental factors
Such as humidity, corrosive atmospheric conditions, continuous contact with water, fire, industrial solvents, continuous wear, etc.
used .
On the other hand, building colors aim to beautify the building and make the living environment pleasant
And the protection goals are of secondary importance.

2- Variety of products

In general, the variety of construction colors is very large in the top coat, but in industrial colors, the closer we get to the lower layers such as base coat and primer, the more variety we see.

All kinds of industrial paints

1- Epoxy paints group

The group of epoxy paints with polyamide, polyamine hardening agents has desirable characteristics such as excellent adhesion, resistance to chemicals and solvents, abrasion resistance,
Excellent resistance to harsh and humid environments, as well as high hardness and ideal shock resistance.

2- Polyurethane paint group

The colors of this group are formulated based on polyol acrylic resin and isocyanate hardener
And it has very favorable chemical and mechanical resistance and excellent resistance in weather conditions
It shows against the UV rays of the sun.
Among the prominent properties of this paint is excellent adhesion on galvanized, aluminum, copper surfaces and maintaining the glossiness and stability of the color.
It is in a long time.

3- Group of thermoplastic colors

This group of colors is designed based on thermoplastic resins
Along with anti-corrosion and color pigments in the form of lining, middle and top with chemical resistance and
Corrosion and high humidity.
Among the features of these colors are high adhesion, proper drying speed,
Electrical stability and excellent resistance to weather conditions.

4- Furnace colors group

This group is hardened in furnaces with different temperature ranges
It has very high hardness and adhesion to the surface, the ability to maintain gloss and ideal color stability.
It has good moisture resistance and resistance to detergents and is used in various industries, including household appliances.
Automotive industries, radiators, cans covers, etc. are used.

Industrial paints group

5- Group of heat resistant colors

This group of colors are available based on silicone resin or modified with other resins and in the range of heat resistance from 200 to 600 degrees Celsius. This group, according to the type of powders used, such as zinc, aluminum, iron oxide, etc., has They have protective and anti-corrosion properties. Among the prominent properties of these colors, we can mention excellent resistance in atmospheric conditions and humid environments.

6- Group of air-dry alkyd paints

This group of colors with all kinds of alkyd resins and also modified
with anti-corrosion resins and pigments to protect structures in marble from semi-industrial environmental factors,
It is used in wet and dirty as well as urban environments.
Among the properties of this group, we can mention high gloss, electrical stability and color retention.

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